BEWOP Workshop: Knowledge Management in Water Utilities

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BEWOP will be hosting a Knowledge Management workshop for utilities on 19th September in Hanoi, Vietnam, within the framework of the 37 WEDC International Conference.

Water operators rely on a sound knowledge base to sustain and improve their performance. While Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) are enjoying increasing popularity as a way of transferring knowledge from mentor to mentee water operator organisations, knowledge management within operators also requires urgent attention in order to ensure that acquired knowledge is then anchored and managed well. This workshop reveals the most salient knowledge management-related challenges of participating water utilities and provides participants with a structured approach for addressing such challenges.

The workshop will be overseen by Marten Blokland, senior staff member at UNESCO-IHE, and PHD fellow, Silas Mvulirwenande as part of the BEWOP project to increase the long-term effectiveness of WOPs. Analysing knowledge management approaches and making recommendations based on these analyses is one of BEWOP’s key activity areas and this workshop will be a practical example of this approach being put into practice.

WEDC is a world-leading education and research institute for developing knowledge and capacity in water and sanitation for low- and middle-income countries. The annual Conference is therefore an important space for utilities to come together and exchange and learn. The BEWOP workshop is part of this year’s focus on capacity development workshops and was selected through a call for proposals launched to WEDC partners.  

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Visite de diagnostic : WOP entre Nairobi Water et Ouganda

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La deuxième rencontre du WOP entre National Water and Sewerage Corporation d’Ouganda et Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company a eu lieu dans la capitale kenyane pendant la première semaine de septembre 2014.

Le but de cette session était, entre autres, d’établir un diagnostic des besoins de l’opérateur kenyan et d’identifier les thèmes qui permettront la collaboration des deux opérateurs. Cette visite d’une semaine a permis aux participants d’échanger leur savoir-faire et de planifier les premiers pas à faire pour améliorer la performance de Nairobi City Water. Une attention toute particulière a été donnée aux thèmes identifiés comme prioritaires pour l’opérateur kenyan, notamment : la gestion des installations, le changement de direction et l’eau non-génératrice de revenu.

En tant que facilitateur de ce WOP, GWOPA a participé aux réunions pendant toute la semaine pour assister aux premiers échanges afin d’en tirer des leçons pour d’autres partenariats Sud-Sud. La prochaine étape de ce processus est d’aborder les problématiques à moyen terme à travers un plan d’action qui visera à assurer la durabilité des réussites du projet. 


National Water and Sewerage Corporation d’Ouganda et Nairobi City Water Sewerage Company Ltd. du Kenya ont conclu un partenariat en 2013, sous l’auspice de GWOPA.  

L’opérateur du Kenya est actuellement confronté à un certain nombre de défis dans la prestation des services, notamment pour en garantir la continuité et établir les nouvelles connexions avec les villes dont la population en forte croissance se retrouve souvent dans des logements de fortune.  

La plateforme régionale en Afrique pour WOPs, WOP-Afrique, ainsi que GWOPA, soutiennent ce partenariat et facilitent les échanges entre les deux opérateurs. Une grande partie du financement est venu des fonds d’OFID-OPEC pour le développement international.  

La première visite d’évaluation a eu lieu en Ouganda en juin 2014 et a été entièrement financée par Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, ce qui  montre le fort engagement pour la réussite de ce projet de la part de la direction de l’entreprise – rapport disponible ici (en anglais).  

Pour plus d’information sur ce WOP, consultez le profil ici

Diagnostic Visit: WOP between Nairobi Water and Uganda

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The second visit between National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company took place in the Kenyan capital during the first week of September 2014.

The aim of this encounter was, among others, to diagnosis the needs of the Kenyan operator and identify areas of collaboration with the Ugandan mentor. The week-long visit also allowed participants to share technical expertise and outline initial steps to be taken to improve the mentee performance. Particular attention was given to issues identified as priority for the Kenyan operators such as Asset Management, Change Management and Non-Revenue Water.

As one of the facilitator of this WOP, GWOPA participated in the week-long visit to witness the exchanges first-hand and take lessons from this South-South partnership. The next step in this process will be to address mid-term issues by drafting action plans that will to ensure the longevity of the cooperation and the sustainability of improvements achieved.  

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GWOPA @ #WWWeek session: New approaches to Wastewater, Water Quality and Water Resource Management Monitoring in the Post-2015 era

The session (page 42 official programme) addressed water quality and water resource management monitoring in the Post-2015 period. The session was convened by UN-Water, UNEP, UN-Habitat and WHO and was moderated by Mr Joakim Harlin of UNDP who provided an overview of the monitoring initiative

The session indicated that although the SDGs are not yet adopted, it's likely that a water goal will be among them. However, panelists stressed that getting countries' buy in for these goals will depend on them being clear and measurable.

The session therefore raised a number of questions such as, what will be the indicators for the proposed targets and how will we measure them? What new data is needed? Do countries have the capacity, will and resources to measure them? Can indicators meet local needs while being internationally comparable? The session was therefor an opportunity for the task forces who have been grappling with these challenges, to present their findings. 

Programme here


GWOPA at World Water Week 2014

As the foremost event for the international water and sanitation community, Stockholm World Water Week is a key event for the Global Alliance of Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA). The world-renowned event is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and is a “platform for over 200 collaborating organisations to convene events about water and development issues”. This year’s event was held from August 31 to September 5 and focussed on the Water Energy Nexus with special focus on societal opportunities and cross-cutting issues.

GWOPA actively participated in this event in close collaboration with our working partners, SIWI and the World Water Council. Staff from the Secretariat promoted the WOPs concept on behalf of the global network throughout the entire event.

Full agenda of GWOPA at #WWWeek here and offica programme here.

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