Two interns joined the GWOPA Secretariat

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Omar Pérez-Figueroa and Sidra Zulfigar Ali, two students from University of Barcelona joined the GWOPA Secretariat for 3 months internship.  Omar is supporting the work populating the WOPs profiles on GWOPA site and Sidra is assisting logistics preparation of the Global WOPs congress and communication activities using SNS like the Pipeline, Facebook and Twitter.  



Omar Pérez-Figueroa

Omar Pérez-Figueroa is the middle of an Interdisciplinary Master Program on water management at the University of Barcelona. He is a geographer and has work with water issues in the Government of Puerto Rico Natural Resources Department and NGO in the U.S, such as Center for Climate Change and Energy Solutions in Washington D.C

Omar has known about the Global Water Operators Partnership's (WOP) work for some time and he is certain of its contribution impact to ameliorate the water crisis. During this year Stockholm Water Week in September Omar attended the GWOP panel where he foster his intention in working and collaborating with WOPS. Currently he work as an intern in GWOPA in the Barcelona Office and he work together with Anne Bousquet helping build WOPs profiles.


Sidra Zulfigar Ali

Sidra Zulfiqar Ali was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and was raised in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated with a BA in Politics from the University of Essex, UK, in 2011. She is currently in the process of my MA degree in Diplomacy and International Public Service at CEI, University of Barcelona, Spain. With a focus in Diplomacy and international Relation, she interned at the General Consulate of Pakistan in Barcelona for summer 2013. Her MA thesis focuses on the effect of intuitions on economic development in relation to countries rich in Natural Resource. She has actively participated in MUN conferences for more than 6 years and recently co-chaired for the Security Council Committee for C´MUN 2013.


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