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Water is recognized "as being at the core of sustainable development," a fundamental requirement for sustainability's social, environmental and economic pillars.

To ensure fresh water receives the dedicated attention it needs in the post-2015 Development Agenda, UN-Water has been working to articulate a Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs, the name of the proposed Post-2015 development framework to come into effect after the MDGs will have been assessed in 2015) to be proposed to the UN General Assembly by September 2014. The draft position paper of the UN-Water Working Group on SDGs is attached.

Whatever formulation of the SDGs may eventually be adopted by UN Member states, it is clear that the World's water and sanitation operators will be central to their achievement. It is for this reason that GWOPA/UN-Habitat and UN-Water are leading a consultation to gather operator perspectives on the proposed SDG goal for water, and to bring attention to the important role of operators in achieving it.



ON WHAT? Inputs are being requested on the document UN-Water Recommendations for a Potential Global Goal on Water

WHO? Water and sanitation service providers and their associations are being called upon to provide feedback on this document

HOW? Inputs should be made in point form in a separate text document, with the sections of the position paper they refer to clearly labelled.

WHEN? Written inputs can be submitted until November 20th, 2013

WHERE? Inputs should be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WHY? Operators' will have an important role in achieving SDGs and should have a say in their formulation. This consultation provides a mechanism for taking their views into account.

AND THEN? The consultation will culminate during a special SDG session within the Global WOPs Congress and General Assembly in Barcelona, from November 27th to November 28th. Representatives from utilities and other expert organizations will share the results of the consultation and bring their own perspectives to bear on the proposed Goals. Following the session, a final paper will be prepared for consideration by the UN Water Working Group in their December meeting in Geneva. The consolidated paper will be presented to UN member states in a special session during the next UN-Water meeting in January 2014, as the UN recommendation for the water goal.

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