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About the 3rd Global WOPs Congress

The Global Water Operators' Partnership Alliance is pleased to announce that the Third Global WOPs Congress and GWOPA General Assembly will take place from 16-18 September 2015 in the historic Sant Pau Modernist site where the GWOPA Secretariat is headquartered. The City of Barcelona will once again be the backdrop for the bi-annual gathering of the global WOPs movement.

The Theme of the 2015 Congress: Operators and the Sustainable Development Goals 


This year, new global goals are set to shape development efforts. The 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) will be presented for adoption before the General Assembly in September, to consolidate and build on what has been achieved in the first 15 years of this new millennium through the efforts of countries working together – for the first time under such a sweeping global development framework – toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Whatever form the final SDGs will take, the wise management of water must be among them. Although it flows through all aspects of sustainable development (not a single of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals can be realized without healthy fresh water), the Open Working Group is proposing water as a stand-alone goal in this new SDG framework to ensure its primacy is not overlooked. It is hoped that, once adopted, a water goal would give this vital resource the attention and means required to truly manage it well.

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals within a high level UN meeting will not radically change the work that water and sanitation operators do on the ground by providing, often in near-impossible circumstances, the world's population with their most essential basic service. However it may change the way they are viewed, empowered, supported, and resourced to make their numerous contributions to a sustainable world. Solidarity-based partnerships have tremendous potential to support them in this.

Second Global WOPs Congress

2013 was designated by the United Nations as International Year for Water Cooperation. The Global WOPs Congress, which aimed to foster cooperation between water operators, was very much in keeping with the UN theme. At the Barcelona Congress, 275 delegates were present and they came from 80 countries covering nearly every continent in the world.

Session focused on WOPs and Finance, WOPs Results, Capacity Development and Non-Revenue Water as well as regional session for Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean and Asia & Pacific. Furthermore more global questions of water and sanitation service provision were addressed during the special session on the sustainable development goals.

Report from the 2nd Congress

Highlights from the Congress 

More about the 2nd WOPs Congress

First WOPs Congress

In its efforts to make Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) happen with greater impact around the world, the Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) organized its 1st Bi-Annual Global WOPs Congress and GWOPA General Assembly on 20th-21st March 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, in conjunction with World Water Day celebrations on 22nd of March. The Congress brought together more than 150 water and sanitation operators, GWOPA members, and partners from around the world for this first major global WOPs event.

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