Workshop "Access to water in Nairobi"

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The report ‘Access to water in Nairobi: mapping the inequities beyond the statistics’ was launched on the 18th of October during the workshop held in Nairobi.

GWOPA’s aim by putting online in the public domain the methodology and the mapping - that can be used for the basis of a GIS- is to propose a platform for discussion between the local stakeholders and decision makers, to inform better planning decisions and to help targeting the neglected areas, notably the poor settlements. In a broader perspective, this type of approach could be useful to monitor the MDGs and the SDGs, by creating a baseline on access to water and sanitation at the city level which can reveal the intra city discrepancies at a fine scale.

The objective of the workshop is to share this innovative methodology developed by GWOPA in collaboration with IFRA (a French Research Institute based in Nairobi) with the interested parties and to present the series of online maps showing and explaining the inequities in access to water in Nairobi.  The workshop was attended by around 50 people including local stakeholders who have a direct interest in using the methodology and the resulting mapping - such as Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, Athi Water Service Board, Wasreb (Water Services Regulatory Board), NGOs and CSOs, academics- and international participants from donor organizations and cooperation agencies.

Based on an analysis of the maps, 8 major recommendations were developed and discussed with the participants. 

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