WOP Africa and PiP workshop in Barcelona

Africa workshop  Africa workshop2

The WOP Africa and PiP Workshop was organized on the 25th and 26th of November in Barcelona as a preceding event of the 2nd Global WOPs Congress and GWOPA General Assembly. 

The workshop aimed at collecting and sharing the inputs and experiences of the client utilities to support the improvement of the WOP-Africa 10 WOPs initiative and at planning the finalization of the implementation phase of the projects.

During this workshop, the utilities involved presented the experience of their WOP, in short presentations, by pair of utilities (mentor and mentees together).

The donors shared with the audience their perspective on the African WOPs: what their expectations are and their views on the way forward.


The new WOP-Africa Program Coordinator presented the 2014 work-plan and announced a new series of WOPs on NRW and sanitation. Office National de l'Assainissement du Sénégal (ONAS) shared its good practice on fecal sludge management.

Participants were then invited to reflect on, and prepare, recommendations to WOP-Africa on how to improve WOPs in general and the implementation processes and protocols of the WOP-Africa initiative in particular. This was done during a session of Group work in the afternoon and the restitution of the discussions in plenary.

The second day was devoted to the introduction of the Performance Improvement Plans (PiP) development methodology. GWOPA aims at providing practical guidance tools to the operators involved in WOPs to help streamlining the WOP approach. The workshop was the first step in the development of a full manual on PiP development that will be disseminated through the different regional platforms and pilot for the coming 9 OFID WOPs.

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