A new partnership with the Portuguese water and sanitation utiltiies

Coimbra s1    Coimbra s2

Following the first communication with the Porutugues Water Partnership (PWP) during the Stockholm World Water Week 2013, representatives of the PWP as well as several Portuguest water and sanitation utiltities attended the 2nd Global WOPs Congress and General Assembly to share the experiences and knowledge with other participants of the Congress and General Assembly. 

In the following week of the Congress, the GWOPA Secretariat has attended the Encontro Nacional de Entidades Gestoras de Água e Saneamento 2013 (ENEG 2013), the congress organized by the Associação Portuguesa de Distribuição e Drenagem de Águas (Portuguese Water Distribution and Drainage Association: APDA) on the 3rd - 5th of December in Coimbra, Portugal. 

On the 1st day of the Congress, the PWP has organized the WOPs event which was attended by about 30 representatives of APDA, Portuguese water and sanitation utilities as well as the Angoran Government.  The GWOPA Secretariat introduced the concept of WOPs and the activities of GWOPA, and called for the partnerships with the partcipants.  

The event was followed up with the bilateral meetings using the PWP's exhibition booth during the Congress.  In the booth, we had a visit of the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy of Porugal and had an opporunity to introduce the GWOPA.  

Based on these discussions in Coimbra, the GWOPA Secretariat will develop the proposal for the concrete collaboration activities with the PWP, APDA and its member utilities.  

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