1st Planning Meeting for the for Dialogues between Local Authorities and Water and Sanitation Utilities

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Based on the understanding that there is still a gap in terms of the communication between local authories and water and sanitation utiltities in realizing the integrated urban development by integrating the water and sanitation provision in the urban planning, the GWOPA Secretariat has proposed the Secretariats of the World Urban Forum 7(WUF7 on 5-11 April 2014 in Medellin, Colombia) and the 7th World Water Forum(on the 12-17 April 2015 in Daegu & Gyeongbuk, Korea) to organize the Dialogue between mayors and heads of water and sanitation utilities at these two major events targeting two different but closed linked stakeholders - urban and water.  

The 1st planning meeting for that process was organized on the 28th of November in Barcelona on the occasion of the 2nd Global WOPs Congress and General Assembly inviting representatives of the 7th World Water Forum Secretariat, local authority, water and sanitation utilities and potential partner organizations.  The meeting was attended by about 20 participants including those from the Secretariat of the WUF7 in the UN-Habitat Headquaters in Nairobi and the World Water Council, the organizer of the World Water Forum through internet connection.


Following the presentations by the WUF7 Secretariat, the Secretariat of the 7th World Water Forum, World Water Council and the GWOPA Secretariat, the participants discussed how to implement the preparation for the dialogue between the local authorities and water and sanitation utilities. 

The link with the exsiting document/initiative such as the Istanbul Water Consensus presented at the 5th World Water Fourm in Istanbul in 2009, the importance to set the focused themes, such as the Integrated Urban Water Management, water-energy-land planning nexus, affordability, etc, potentials in the coordination with the sister cities programmes were suggsted by the participants.

The GWOPA Secretariat will coordinate with the Secretariats of both events how to integrated this proposed dialogues in its preparatory process as well as the Forums' programmes.  

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