Assessment of Capacity Development Resources for Water and Sanitation Operators

On the 2 and 3 June 2014, GWOPA and partners took part in a workshop in Delft (Netherlands) co-organized in the framework of the UN-Water Task Force on Capacity Development for Water Operators and the BEWOP project "Boosting Effectiveness of Water Operators' Partnerships" 

The objective of this invitation-only workshop was to build synergies between two aforementioned global initiatives that are looking at the assessment of existing Capacity Development (CD) resources for water and sanitation operators and to analyze the more significant needs and gaps in these resources. Water Operators from seventeen countries as well as members and partners of the UN-Water attended this workshop.

Within the context of the BEWOP project, activity 4 shall concentrate on the assessment of existing guidelines, training modules and other materials supportive of the WOP performance improvement. Importantly, this activity will identify and assess these existing materials while also providing recommendations for the development of new generation of CD resources.

The approach for the work of the UN-Water Task Force is to gather resources and avail them to an extensive network of water supply and sanitation operators on a not-for-profit basis, hereby developing capacities where they are needed the most. The materials developed and all relevant results from the work of the UN Water Task Force and the BEWOP project will be compiled and documented respectively in UN-Water Activity Information System, UNW-AIS, on a dedicated page and the GWOPA/ UN Habitat web-site.

Consult the agenda for this meeting here

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