Securing Financial Support

GWOPA is actively working with partners to identify and raise funds for WOPs and their follow-up. These efforts include working with financial and development partners to systematically increase their allocations to WOPs, and directly assisting WOPs implementers access appropriate funding mechanisms. Increasingly, GWOPA is also playing a financial brokering role, linking utilities that have benefited from a WOP with financial institutions able to support follow-up investments.

GWOPA is also involved in efforts to universalize legal mechanisms that would enable utilities to garner funds for decentralized cooperation, as well as connecting utilities already benefitting from such mechanisms to appropriate partners.

Financial institutions are progressively coming to recognize WOPs as a viable approach for strengthening utility performance and adopting it as a major part of their capacity building activities. By demonstrating where WOPs has provided strong returns on investment, GWOPA is helping to gain the confidence of donors and development banks for such systematic scaling-up of WOPs.

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