GWOPA works with capacity building partner organizations to support training in which operators take the role of experts. Training events are often hosted by a mentor utility and gather operators to share on critical topics like Access to the Poor, Non Revenue Water or Water Safety Planning. The events can serve to catalyze new WOPs – by providing an opportunity for operators to identify potential partners – or can complement ongoing WOPs. GWOPA works closely with capacity building partner organizations to ensure these modes of capacity building and co-learning reinforce one another.

The training programs organized by GWOPA focus on technical areas that have been identified through need assessment workshops with water and sanitation utilities and emerged as priority areas.

GWOPA provides utilities with free online training material. The available material targets mentor utilities which would need supporting documentation for training on certain topics within WOPs activities. It is also useful for utilities which would like to organize internal training for their staff.

GWOPA and its partners seek to make the most of utilities’ expertise in the development of the training documentation, especially by including lessons learned and best practices from champion utilities.

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